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ETC Clothing Company derives from the idea of living life to its fullest, and creating wonderful memories and artwork along the way. ETC is not only a brand, but a lifestyle. Utilizing geometric shapes, strategic placement, and industrial materials, ETC communicates to all modern day audiences.

The Artist


Jen Velazquez

Jen Velazquez is a Brooklyn based object maker whose practice heavily involves bridging the gap between fine art and design. Velazquez is finishing her BFA at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, currently participating in the New York Studio Residency Program. Through her lifestyle brand ETC Clothing Co., she incorporates and unifies elements within nature and contemporary life. As ETC stands for Explore, Transform, and Create, the purpose of the brand is to promote a free and creative lifestyle to the modern millennial.

Velazquez hopes to see her company develop in the future, allowing her to curate the works of other artists, as a way to give back to the artist community. This will allow more makers and creatives to obtain a larger audience that they typically are not exposed to. In addition to giving back to the artist community, Jen is also interested in aiding those suffering from major political issues by giving a small percentage of the proceeds towards those specific causes. Velazquez creates work with the intention of sending out positivity, creativity, and peace into the world all in the process of exploring, transforming, and creating.